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5 Tricks To Look Younger

Fuller lower lip, natural hair color and other tricks to look younger

While everyone tries to look younger with the help of makeup, there are actually a few easy tricks for the best results.

If there’s one thing you should never ask from a woman, it’s her age. But what do you do when age shows right off you? You use these simple tricks to look younger, of course.

Fuller Lower Lip

Fuller lower lip

You might believe that a fuller upper lip looks more attractive, but while it does, it also makes you look slightly older.

A fuller lower lip makes you look much less mature than you actually are, giving off a younger look.

Natural skin color

natural skin color

Even though tan skin is very attractive and hides flaws on your skin, it highlights wrinkles and age related factors.

Keep your face protected from the sun with high SPF sunscreen. Your skin will get a tan, though lighter than you’d prefer. However, you’d look years younger than you would with a tan.

Messy hair

Uneven hair

Nothing says mature and old like perfect hair. No one cared what their hair looked like in high school or college, therefore messy or uneven hair gives you that naive look younger ladies have.

If you don’t to wear it really messy, curl it up a little bit or wear it wavy.

Natural hair color

Natural hair color

The brighter your hair is the brighter you look, but not always. Since it is true that your hair darkens as you grow older, darker hair is associated with age.

However, since it is your natural hair color that darkens with age, it is a lighter version of your natural hair color you should go for. Colors that seem not to fit your skin tone tend to give a few years of age.

Wild eyebrows

Big eyebrows

Not messy, but wild. Young ladies don’t have perfectly plucked, slim eyebrows. So don’t be afraid to wear them big, intimidating and fierce.

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