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Sense8 Finale Special is Coming Anytime Soon!

the Wachowskis will bring us a Sense8 series special finale in 2018

The Wachowskis are not leaving us hanging. A two-hour long Sense8 finale special will be the closure we all need.

About a year ago, we got the very special season two premier of Sense8, the phenomenal Netflix series created by the Wachowskis. Shortly after however, fans all over the world broke in tears when it was announced that the show was cancelled and they will not returning.

The story follows eight strangers scattered around the world who find themselves connected by a mysterious bond. The eight can share feelings, visions, sounds and even visit each others.

Afraid at first, the Sensates eventually learn to cooperate and help each other out from trouble. But it is not long before they become hunted, one by one, by an evil organization seeking to end them.

Netflix tried hard to bring the show back for a third season, and for a while it seemed like they were succeeding. However, the network has convinced the Wachowskis to bring back the show for a two-hour special series finale.

Little is known about the special, or how the series will end. But we have the below teaser trailer to draw theories from.

Sense8 season 2 will, and the series as a whole, will officially conclude sometime in 2018, and it seems like it will be during the earlier part of the year.

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