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5 Useful Smartphone (Android) Features

Android smartphone feature like smart lock and blue light

There’s so much more your Android smartphone can do than snap pics and reply to text. Here are 5 useful features.

If you compare the true power of the technology inside our phones with what we use them for, you’ll find it to be more useful than you ever thought. We have explored some very interesting features your Android smartphone can do, check them out.

Control Blue Light Radiation

blue light filter

This features helps if your eyes hurt from the bright blue light radiation your phone’s screen emits. You can easily download a blue light filter which will calibrate the brightness and color settings to better suit your preferences.

Smart Lock

Why you’d want to password protect your phone is understandable. But it is as annoying to turn off password protection every time your home as it is to enter your pin code every time you’re replying to a chat.

With Android 5.0 or newer, you can use the Smart Lock setting, which will recognize designated “safe areas” and unlock your phone while you’re there.

Guest Mode

You’re parents can’t snoop around anymore or stumble upon something by mistake. Before handing your phone over to anyone, simply swipe down the top, tap your avatar and choose “add guest”.

This will limit your guest to certain apps and functions that you chose in forehand.

Infrared Light Buster

You can easily check whether or not your TV remote and other similar devices are operational with the help of your camera.

If you point a remote controller directly at a camera lens and click any button, you’ll see a red light. If the light is not there, then it’s time to change batteries.

Ultraviolet Blacklight

Go CSI and discover invisible residue all over the house. First of all, prepare a roll of tape and two markers: one purple, one blue.

Place a piece of tape of your phone’s flashlight and paint it blue. Then stick another piece of tape over it and also paint it blue. Now stick the last layer of tape and paint it purple.

Be careful where you point that thing. You never know what you’ll find.

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