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Scientists Believe ‘Man Flu’ is Real!

Weaker immune system in men than women to blame for ‘man flu’

Yes! Scientists have confirmed that the ‘man flu’ is real and blame weaker immune system than in women.

For long women have claimed that men suffering from what has been called the “man flu” as big babies. But new studies are now saying otherwise.

A new study has shown that there is some truth to the “man flu” and the reason dates back to our caveman ancestors.

When Dr Kyle Sue, a clinical assistant professor at Memorial University of Newfoundland, decided to take a closer look on the man flu, he found that adult men had higher risk of being admitted to hospitals and higher death rates associated with influenza.

But why is the immune system in men so much weaker than in women? Simple (maybe not), the ‘man ‘flu’ is a defense mechanism which purpose was to hinder cavemen from hunting outside while ill.

The study showed that pre-menopausal women can fight off the flu and influence better than men.

One of Dr. Sue’s theories suggests that testosterone is to blame for suppressing men’s immune system, while women have estrogen to thank for a boost to theirs.

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