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How to Spend Cryptocurrency and Make Payments in Bitcoin

more companies are accepting bitcoin. Learn more about how to make payments in bitcoin and other cryptocurrency

You might have heard of how a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin is increasing in value, but where can you spend it?

Bitcoin was the world’s first decentralized digital currency, meaning that it does not have a single centralized administrator and has the same value all over the world. Over the past year its value rose from around $1,000 dollar per Bitcoin in January to over $15,000 in December. Now that’s great news, but the mystery remains where and how to spend them.

This concern has been the leading discouragement when it comes to people considering trading in Bitcoin. And even though it seems as if businesses that accept them as payment are few, there are hundreds of thousands of them across the globe.

Through a service called BitPay alone, more than 40,000 merchants across 91 countries accept payments in Bitcoin.

The Middle East might be a bit behind on the cryptocurrency craze, but businesses have been accepting Bitcoin for longer than you’d expect.

It was as early as in March 2014 that the popular music streaming app Anghami announced that they would start accepting subscription payments in Bitcoin, becoming the first music service in the world to do so.

You can also buy international flight tickets using Bitcoin on websites like Expedia and Cheap Air, or even book a hotel. And of course, many major e-commerce websites around the world have started accepting Bitcoin.

Whether through direct transactions or third-party solutions, you can now use Bitcoin to pretty much buy anything you could imagine.

If you’re still hesitant and afraid of venturing off into the world of cybermoney and matrix-business, you’re not alone. People always tend to be careful when dealing with new things. But one thing is for sure, cryptocurrencies are now a reality and they’re not going anywhere, so you better hop on the Bitcoin train and start trading.


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