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The Symbol of Unity Exhibition by Photographer Maria Ovsyannikova

The Symbol of Unity exhibition by photographer Maria Ovsyannikova in solidarity with Qatar

Experience Qatar through the lens of Doha-based photographer Maria Ovsyannikova at The Symbol of Unity exhibition.

The Russian photographer Maria Ovsyannikova is ready to show you her Qatar with a breathtaking exhibition title The Symbol of Unity.

Just ahead of the Qatar National Day, on the eve of Tuesday, December 12, the ballroom at Shangri-La Hotel will showcase Ovsyannikova’s latest work.

Titled “The Symbol of Unity”, the exhibition is in support of Qatar and its people during the Gulf crisis, and reflects the oneness of the nation.

The visual artist’s work goes beyond still photography. With a touch of animation, her portraits come to life, capturing the true magic of the moment.

Having lived in Qatar for a while now, her love and passion for Gulf heritage and culture has taken her all over the country in search for immense beauty. It is through her lens that we are able to see what she sees.

From the contemporary architecture in the heart of Doha to the most remote shores of the country, her work is all inclusive.

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