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Different Types of Cheddar Cheese

Types of Cheddar Cheese

At the market you can find mild, medium, sharp and extra-sharp cheddar cheese, but what does it really mean?

There are a lot of cheese fanatics out there who just don’t know enough about cheese. You head to the market, want to buy something special, but end up getting what you already know. Talking about different types of cheese, let’s explore the different types of cheddar.

So the real question is what’s between mild, medium and sharp cheddar cheese? In reality, the labels tend to tell us how old the cheese is, which in terms lets us know how it tastes.

The longer the cheese is aged, the finer it is considered, with mild being the youngest, and extra-sharp or “premium” cheddar the eldest.

Mild cheddar is cheese aged between two and three months, maybe even up to six. It has a more subtle taste and has a less tangy background flavor. On the other hand, sharp cheddar is aged for around twelve months, and the extra-sharp cheddar as long as eighteen months.

However, there are premium cheddars which are aged over a period of time ranging between two to five years. This type of cheese is considered a delicacy and are more expensive than milder variants.

Now this goes for the American version of cheddar. Other countries have other types, some even including spices and herbs to give it a more edgy flavor.

However, cheddar remains one of the most popular types of cheese there is and is used in many foods around the world.

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