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Mount Agung Volcano, Bali, Eruption is Eminent

the mount agung volcano at the island of bali is showing signs of major eruption

Maximum volcanic alert level on the Indonesian island of Bali as Mount Agung give signs of major eruption.

The airport on the beautiful island of Bali has been shut down, leaving thousands of tourists stranded, just before an imminent eruption at the Mount Agung volcano.

The Mount Agung volcano, Bali - Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

The Mount Agung volcano, Bali – Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Thousands more, who are planning to spend Christmas and New Year at the tropical paradise, will now have to make other plans.

For the past week, Mount Agung, an active volcano, has been shooting ash and rays of fire into the sky. Today, lava has been spotted glowing in the volcano’s crater.

The glow could be easily seen at the top of the volcano, despite a thick ash cloud covering the night sky. The this cloud reached as high as 3 kilometers into the atmosphere, Indonesia’s disaster agency have said.

A series of powerful tremors were recorded yesterday, which were followed by a call to evacuation from the local authorities. Similar tremors were recorded just before last time Mount Agung erupted, in 1963.

The volcano is the highest point on the island, and started erupting underwater few days ago. It suddenly switched to shooting steam and ash, and has now been seen shooting magma.


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