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Alien Bacteria Found on the International Space Station

Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov have found alien bacteria on the international space station

Russian cosmonauts have found life on the surface of the International Space Station, could it be living alien bacteria?

Living microorganism have been found cultivating on the surface of the International Space Station, said Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov. It might be alien bacteria, added the 45-year-old who have walked a total of 6 hours 15 minutes in space.

Speaking to TAAS, Shkaplerov said that the bacteria will be brought back to Earth for further studies.

The ISS expedition flight engineer, who will be returning to the International Space Station for a third time this December, said that the living bacteria was found while they were collecting samples off the surface of the station.

“Bacteria that had not been there during the launch of the ISS module were found on the swabs,” he stated, adding “so they have flew from somewhere in space and settled on the outside hull.”

However, microorganisms from Earth have survived in the vacuum of space and temperatures ranging between -150 and 150 degree Celsius.

Due to a phenomenon known as the ionosphere lift, materials can elevate up to the upper layer of our atmosphere, touching space. After the discovery, several scientists, as well as the Russian space agency Roscosmos, have suggested that the upper border of the biosphere be lifted to 400 kilometers rather than the current 20 kilometers up.

Whatever results the tests bring back, it will sure be exciting.

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