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You Should Stop Eating Instant Noodles

you should throw out your instant noodles right away because they serve no nutritional value

Instant noodles are the perfect quick meal in terms of preparation time, but when it comes to nutritional value… not so much.

Every college kid, every single person, every “bro apartment” is filled with packs of pre-cooked instant noodles ready for a hot soak in water. While it is easy to see why they are so popular, it is harder to discover their true nutritional value.

Instant noodles take about a minute to prepare, and can be flavoured pretty much to taste like anything. No surprise they are the lazy cook’s favorite meal.

However, there’s one crucial thing you need to know: they offer you nothing more than flavored water and toxins.

In fact, recent studies have found that instant noodles increase the risk of a condition called cardiometabolic syndrome, which is linked to heart disease, diabetes, and/or strokes.

In most cases, instant noodles tend to be very low in essential nutrients like fiber and protein. On the other hand, they richer in terms of fat, carbohydrates, sodium and MSG.

MSG, or monosodium glutamate is the sodium salt of glutamic acid, one of the most abundant naturally occurring non-essential amino acids. It is used as a common food additive that serves to enhance flavor in processed foods.

Even though claims remain controversial, MSG have been linked to weight gain, increased blood pressure, headaches and nausea.

And when you might think that noodles from better known brands would be healthier, or less unhealthy, that is far from the truth.

It is no secret that most instant noodles contain a bit of lead, a heavy metal that is denser than most common materials, as well as very toxic.

In 2015, Nestle’s Maggi bran showed to contain 7 times the allowed limit of lead contamination, in India. This led the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India to ban all nine flavors of Maggi instant noodles in India, labelling them “unsafe and hazardous” for human consumption.

Next time you feel like some noodles, take your time a prepare some fresh ones. Not only will they taste better, they’ll also have more nutritional value.

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