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5 Myths About Sugar: It’s not as bad as you think

We have come to believe that sugar is addictive, that it makes kids hyperactive, and that some types of sugar are healthier. None of it is true

Some of the myths about sugar include: that it is addictive, that it makes kids hyperactive, and that some types of are healthier than others.

For decades now, doctors have been warning us about the dangers of sugar. Of course, too much of is not good for you. But still, there are many myths about sugar that should be sorted out.

Most recently, we’ve been hearing that sugar is as addictive as cocaine. These claims are based on a study which shows that the same pleasure centers in the brain light up under both sugar and cocaine. However, there’s no proof whatsoever that it is addictive.

Also, we’ve been hearing how using raw sugar or brown sugar is better for you. The truth is that all sugar will transform into glucose in your body, and identical effect.

types of sugar

Different types of sugar.

Children have been most hurt by these myths about sugar.

Sugar makes kids hyperactive. We hear it on the news, we’re told so by our doctors, and in reaction we forbid children from having sugar. In reality, these claims have not been confirmed, not even the slightest. Sometimes children are just children and like to move around.

To avoid including sugar in their diets, people often turn to artificial sweeteners. While brands market their products as healthier because they contain less sugar, no one tells you that most (if not all) sweeteners are extremely bad for your health.

But the biggest mistake people make in regards to sugar, is eliminating it from their diets.

First of all, almost everything contains sugar, especially fruits and vegetables. Therefore, completely eliminating it from your diet is practically impossible – unless you starve yourself.

Go ahead and don’t be afraid of sugar, but keep in mind to use in moderation.

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