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Here’s How You Cut Onions Without Pouring Tears

method to chop onions without tears

Onions are delicious and nutritious, but they always put you to tears when you cut into them. But not anymore.

There’s a certain fear associated with onions – you pour into tears every time you cut them. The release of volatile gas is the reason freshly cut onions cause that stinging sensation that leads to uncontrollable tears, but you can actually beat it.

The first method to avoid tears from food is easy, just keep them in the fridge. The low temperatures of the cold storage reduces the enzyme reaction rate in the onions and they will therefore release less tear gas once cut.

Our second method is slightly messier, but 100% guaranteed. Cut your onions directly under running water, or even submerged in water. The water will suck up the gases or make them heavier, saving your eyes from being brutally attacked by the onion riot police.

Another method is to chop onions near a fan that is situated in a way that it blows all the onion secretions away from your face. This way, the gases drift away before they make contact with your sensitive eyes and tear glands.

Now that you know how to beat the battle of tears, it’s time to chop as many onions as possible and throw the into everything.

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