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Get Ready for The 7th Traditional Dhow Festival

Katara is ready for the 7th annual traditional dhow festival

There’s a week full of heritage, fun and sea ahead at Katara’s annual Traditional Dhow Festival.

Starting tomorrow, it will be all about Qatar’s history, heritage and tradition at the 7th annual Traditional Dhow Festival, organized by Katara.

Cultural Village Foundation, Katara, hosts the Dhow Festival each year as part of its commitment to preserving the country’s maritime heritage. Before modern Qatar, it was known for sea trade and pearl diving, two practices embodied in the festival.


Traditional dhow festival

There’s a special program set up for this year, mainly due to the wide regional and international participation that is expected. Sailors and fans from countries including Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, Turkey, India, Greece, Zanzibar and Iran have all confirmed being part of the festival.

Each participant is expected to bring some of their local maritime traditions to Qatar, exchanging cultures with one another.

There festival will feature a Dhow exhibition, traditional performances and crafts, a fish market, Dhow cruises, and much more.

The Traditional Dhow Festival will be held daily from Tuesday, November 14, until Saturday, November 18.

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