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Qatari Businesses on Forbes Top 100 Companies In The Arab World 2017

Qatar is investing in projects worth billions, mainly in gas and oil

Qatar remains one of the best countries for business in the Arab world as it dominates the 2017 Forbes list of top 100 companies in the Arab world.

Companies in Qatar are doing well despite regional tension and low oil prices. The country’s entries in the Forbes list of Top 100 Companies In The Arab World 2017 are only second to those of Saudi Arabia – which has 36 companies on the list while Qatar has 19.

In perspective, Qatar is relatively much smaller than the KSA and only has a fraction of the Gulf kingdom’s population, making this difference small, or maybe even insignificant.

The report mentions that the total market value of the top 100 companies in the Arab world rose 12% from last year, reaching a combined total of $772 billion.


The banking and financial services sector contribute to 49% of the list, with telecommunications and industrial sectors taking the second and third spots respectively.

Qatar business companies on Forbes Top 100 Companies In The Arab World 2017

The Qatar National Bank (QNB), held its position from last year, both as the 2nd best performing company and “the top listed bank in the region.”

With a market value of $18.4 billion, Industries Qatar (ranked 31) is the biggest industrial company in the list. As of April 2017, the company managed assets valued at $9.7 billion and has made a profit of $812 million since April 2016.

At the same time, Qatar holds the 54th spot on the Forbes list of Best Countries for Business 2017. That makes the country the third best for business in the Middle East, behind the UAE and Oman.

At the same time, Qatar is ranked as the 18th most innovative country.

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