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Apple is Investigating Exploding iPhone 8 Plus

Apple iPhone 8 Plus devices are allegedly splitting open

After the reporting of two iPhone 8 Plus devices splitting open, Apple say that they are looking into the incidents.

While what really went down remains unclear, Apple is reportedly investigating two incidents during which new iPhone 8 Plus devices split open, says tech website MacRumors.

“We are aware and are looking into it,” MacRumors cited an Apple spokeswoman saying.

A damaged iPhone 8 Plus - ifeng

The damaged iPhone 8 Plus. Source: iFeng

A new version of company’s flagship device, the iPhone 8 Plus, was just made available for purchase on September 22. At least two incidents in which the phone’s outer screen split apart from the rest of the device have been reported.

The first incident happened in Taiwan, where a woman says her iPhone 8 Plus burst open while it was charging. She claimed that she was using an official Apple power adapter.

The second incident was reported from Japan, where a customer shared pictures of his newly-purchased device, which had also been split open.

However, the customer says that the phone was already in that condition when he opened the package.

As it appears in both cases, the batteries of the phone might have swelled due to overheating, spillage or gases inside. It is believed that the tightly fitted battery produced too much pressure on the phone’s display as it expanded, causing it to detach from its aluminum enclosure.

Similar incidents were reported with some iPhone 7 models, but Apple’s rival Samsung faced a bigger problem last year after a handful of Galaxy Note 7 devices exploded and caught on fire.

The company released the iPhone X (Roman numeral 10) only yesterday. The phone, which marks the iPhone’s tenth anniversary, has received criticism for its lack of innovation. However, no similar incidents have been reported with the newer model yet.

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