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Elon Musk Announces Big F’ing Rocket ‘BFR’ For Interplanetary Trips

Elon Musk revealed BFR rocket capable of carrying heavy cargo and humans to anywhere on earth and mars

Elon Musk just revealed a BFR that can carry cargo to the ISS, Mars and humans to anywhere on Earth in less than an hour.

Like something straight out of a scifi novel, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says that his new spaceship called Big Fu*king Rocket, or BFR, will aid humanity in to colonize space and much more.

Speaking at the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia, last week, Musk said that his new rocket will make trips to outer space, other planets, and also commercial flights across Earth.

On Twitter, Musk posted: “BFR will take you anywhere on Earth in less than 60 mins,” along with a video of BFR lifting off across the globe, adding that “most long distance trips [in] less than 30 minutes.”

The rocket will also be able to carry heavy cargo to the International Space Station, carry complete satellites in one shipment, as well as transport both humans and heavy cargo to Mars.

Mars city render.

Mars city render.

The Interplanetary Transport System, as BFR is also referred to, will be capable of carrying more than 100 people in about 40 cabins to the Red Planet. It would also support casual life facilities, such as common areas and entertainment systems.

By Musk’s estimation, they will have a first cargo mission by 2022, and another one in 2024. After a pitstop at the Moon, the ships will continue to Mars and start constructing a base, which will later on grow into a city.

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