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Katara Hospitality & LaLiga Lounge Doha Introduces LaLiga Festival

Katara Hospitality and LaLiga Lounge Doha have teamed up for the first ever LaLiga Festival

Qatar’s first ever sports lounge, LaLiga Lounge Doha, are introducing the LaLiga Festival, the biggest football celebration in the country.

Organized by Katara Hospitality and LaLiga Lounge, the LaLiga Festival will be held at Hotel Park from September 28 until October 7, this year.

The world’s first LaLiga Lounge, a restaurant themed after Spain’s premier football league, opened its door in Doha just earlier this year, in partnership with Katara Hospitality.

LaLiga Lounge Doha

LaLiga Lounge Doha

In celebration of one of the world’s most popular football leagues, the LaLiga Festival is planned to be held in Doha twice a year, and will include food, games, entertainment, and of course, football.

While fans of different football teams usually meet competitively during showoffs, the festival will give fans the chance to celebrate the love and enthusiasm of the sport, the league, as well as participating leagues through festive interaction and engagement.

LaLiga Lounge Doha are preparing for the first ever LaLiga Festival

LaLiga Lounge Doha

Four and One, Hotel Park’s event management company, hope to bring football fans together through the LaLiga lifestyle experience.

During the festival, attendees will get the chance to experience showcasing of the some of the best football techniques and strategies, while freestyler players can sign up to compete for the Qatar Freestyle Championship.

Attendees can also benefit from several discounts and offers on football merchandise, sports clothing and equipment.


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