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With iOS 11 Your Apple iPhone & iPad Can Now Do This

Apple announced that they will be releasing iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad today, these are some of its prominent features.

A week after revealing their newest versions of iPhone, Apple are launching the newest version of their operating system, iOS 11.

To check whether or not iOS 11 is available in your country, go to Setting > General > Software Update. Once you read update available, you can easily download and install it.

Here are some of the features your iPhone or iPad will have once upgraded:

Photo Filters

Photos in iOS 11 for Apple iPhone & iPad

The upgrade will include several new filters that with a touch of magic give your photos a more professional outcome.

 The ‘Storage Optimization’ Feature

With help of the ‘Storage Optimization’ feature, you can clear up unnecessarily occupied space our iPhone and iPad.

 A New App Store

App Store in iOS 11 for Apple iPhone & iPad

The iOS 11 App Store

The reinvented App Store doesn’t only make it easier for you to find apps and games, but also features interviews with developers to give you insights on how apps are made and what they are capable of.

 A New Control Center

Unlike in previous versions, with iOS 11 you can customize the redesigned Control Center. By swiping up, you can see your most used settings, the way you’d like to see them.

 A More Powerful Siri

The new Siri doesn’t only sound more realistic, but is also capable of translating Chinese, Spanish, French, German, or Italian.

 Apple Music

Apple Music on iOS 11 for Apple iPhone & iPad

The new Apple Music app

With iOS 11, Apple Music is more than just a player, it is more a social network giving you the ability to share music with friends, co-create a playlist and more.

 WiFi Password Sharing

With the new operating system, you can share a WiFi password with another iPhone or iPad by simply holding your Apple device next to it.

 The ‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode

Do Not Disturb on iOS 11 for Apple iPhone & iPad

Do Not Disturb mode

The newly introduced ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode will be automatically activated when you are driving and disable all notifications until you’ve reached your destination.


Finally, Apply has introduced a system for files stored on the iPhone and the iPad. It’s called ‘Files’.

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