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Emmy Nominated Shows You Can Find on Netflix

Find the emmy nominated netflix original show that you’d love to watch

The Emmy Awards are this weekend, and several Netflix Original shows are competing to take home the prize.

On Sunday, September 17, the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards will honor the best shows in the US, and most of them are made by (or can be watched on) Netflix.

The Emmy nominated Netflix Original series are:


Better Call Saul

There was a time that James “Jimmy” McGill was trying to be a decent lawyer. This show tells the story that turned Jimmy into Saul Goodman, the crooked lawyer from Breaking Bad.

The Crown

This show explores the biographical history of the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Being queen is not as easy as it looks, at least not for Lizzy.

House of Cards

From South Carolina democratic congressman to the president of the United States, Frank Underwood and his wife Claire know how to play dirty politics.


Master of None

Every episode is basically a page out of the life of comedian Aziz Ansari, if you like his standup, you’ll love his show.


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

After being rescued from a doomsday cult, Kimmy Schmidt is struggling to adapt to life in modern New York City.


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