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Whatsapp Are Trying Out A “Delete For Everyone” Feature

Whatsapp instant messaging application are working on Delete For Everyone feature allowing you to delete messages

You might soon be able to tap the ‘delete for everyone’ option on your Whatsapp texting application and take back messages.

The popular instant messaging app owned by Facebook, Whatsapp, are trying out a new ‘delete for everyone’ option which allows users to take back sent messages.

It has happened to all of us; we send a message to the wrong person or you say something that you regret later on, but once you hit the send button, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Events such as these have caused problems to many people – some minor some more serious. Since people can’t unsee things because you made a mistake, Whatsapp are finally giving you the answer.

Whatsapp enthusiast and leaker @WABetaInfo announced that the company are testing ‘delete for everyone’ for iOS and Android.

Other instant messaging apps such as Telegram and Viber have had the function for quite some time now, but it wasn’t clear whether or not Whatsapp were developing such a feature until now.

On Tuesday, the leaker claimed that the company had been successful in working out how to recall messages from group chats.

Another tweet included an image which claims to show how other users will be notified when a message.will appear when @WABetaInfo also shared an image which it claims will be how a chat will a has been deleted.

Well, your friend might now that you’re hiding something. But a made up excuse and an awkward moment is almost always better than letting them read the regretted message.

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