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5 Useful Website You Wish You Knew

useful websites

The right tool is always hard to find when you need it the most, that’s why you’ll never regret bookmarking these useful website.

Ever needed to figure something out and you had spend time online looking for it? Well, these 5 useful websites will save you lots of time for sure.

Radio Garden

This website lets you listen to radio stations anywhere in the world.


Perfect for students and academics, this website solves algebra and calculus problems, as well as chemistry.

My Fridge Food

Don’t know what to cook? Just let the website know what you have laying around the kitchen and it will give you a list of recipes you can prepare.


Exactly as it name intends, on this website you can find older, archived versions of websites, as well as books, movies, documentaries and more.

Random useful websites

Well, if you’re just curious, this website will literally direct you to random useful websites. Give it a try.

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