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Into Will Arnett’s Bojack Horseman Season 4

Will Arnett Bojack Horseman season 4

Alcoholic has-been Bojack Horseman is back in Hollywoo trying to pull his life together, and things are only getting worse.

No one has heard or seen of Bojack Horseman in almost a year, and a lot has happened in Hollywoo since. Mr. Penutbutter is running for governor, Diane is struggling to balance between her husband’s campaign, a new job, and missing Bojack, and Todd is, well, Todd. Bojack has a lot of unsolved drama to take care of in season 4, but no matter how hard he tries, he always manages to mess everything up even worse.


Followed by the messy Mr. Peanutbutter/Todd-nonsense in episode one, episode two of Bojack Horseman season 4 show us a conflicted Bojack back in his childhood summer home in Michigan. After a lot of soul searching, he heads back to Hollywoo, believing that he was ready, but little did he know about what was waiting for him.

Before even getting to see or speak to Diane, who is still ignorant of his return, Bojack finds a little surprise from the past there to haunt him. Bizarre and emotionally tragic events are pulling the gang back together against all odds.

I don’t know about you guys, but to me, this is one of Will Arnett’s greatest roles, not to forget Alison Brie and Aaron Paul, as Diane and Todd.

Oh, and Princess Carolyn is trying to get pregnant from a mouse.


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