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Little Evil: The greatest Netflix movie this year

Little Evil - Netflix

It’s a comedy movie, it’s a horror movie, no, it’s both. Little Evil is believed to be the greatest Netflix movie in 2017.

Little Evil will be released by Netflix on September 1, and from what we can tell from the trailer alone, it might actually live up to anticipations.

Gary finds the love of his life and marries her. Samantha is the single mother of Lucas, who just became Gary’s stepson. While everyone is under the impression that Lucas is a kind hearted little kid, Gary has reasons to believe that he is the antiChrist. How will Gary save the world, and his marriage, from the seed of Satan himself?

Aside from the hilarious cast, which includes Evangeline Lilly, Adam Scott and Chris D’Elia, the movies genre is a hard hand to play. Eli Craig is directing Little Evil, a “horror comedy”, but we can already tell that it’s not a spoof or parody like Scary Movie or similar horror comedies.

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