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White Gold: The Art Of Being A Salesman

Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl) plays Vincent Swan in White Gold - Netflix

Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl) stars as an eccentric plastic windows salesman in White Gold.

Take a second and try to imagine Chuck Bass selling PVC windows in England during the 1980s. No forget that image, because Ed Westwick is killing it in White Gold.

While it may be hard to believe that a UPVC window salesman in mid-1980s Essex has a particularly exciting life, White Gold will make you want to go door to door by the half-part of the second episode and Ed Westwick is to thank.

Vincent Swan, husband and father of two, is gonna make it in the world and he’s not taking crap from anyone. After losing his job, he uses his wit to land a new one as a UPVC window salesman. It’s not long before Vincent is running sales at Cachet Windows, but his ways are very unconventional.

He might be just a plastic window salesman in Essex, but he carries about as if he was the King of England himself.

The first season of White Gold, a 2017 BBC comedy series, was just released on Netflix. It has already been renewed for second season, and includes supporting characters played by Inbetweeners stars Joe Thomas and James Buckley.

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