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Qatari Boxer Breaks New World Record

Qatari boxer Abdellatif Mohamed Sadiq break new world record

A new world record has been added to the long list of Qatari achievements. This time it was set by Qatari boxer Abdellatif Mohamed Sadiq.

There are many world records that can be attributed to Qatar, but never before has anyone attempted a record that requires this much speed, endurance and strength.

Qatari boxer Abdellatif Mohamed Sadiq broke the world record for the most two-finger push up done in one minute, Qatar Living reports.

In just sixty seconds, Sadiq performed 72 push ups using only one finger from each hand.

Despite the absence of officials from Guinness World Records to clock him, Sadiq’s attempt was widely televised and witnessed by thousands of people from across the country and the world – which serves to the authenticity of the achievement.

The previous record was held by Aryan Grover from India, who was able to perform 52 complete two-finger push ups in one minute back in August 2016.

“I’m so happy I could achieve this record. Qatar sports is certainly flying high and it has a bright future ahead,” he was quoted saying by media.

This is only one of many records set by Qatari organizations, individuals and groups.

During April this year, Qatar set the record for the fastest returfing of a football field while preparing the Khalifa International Stadium for the FIFA 2022 World Cup that will take place in the country.

A total of 7,800 square meters of turf was laid out on the pitch in just 13 and a half hours. The Khalifa International Stadium is one of Qatar’s oldest stadiums and opened first in March 1976. However, it was renovated in 2005 for the 2006 Asian Games.

Another redevelopment project was launched in 2014 to get the stadium ready for the 2022 world cup, increasing its seating capacity to 40,000.

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