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Farting Is Really Healthy

Farting Is Really Healthy

While most people are ashamed of farting, the biological process of releasing gas is in fact a sign of good health.

The human body has many functions that disgust us, like sweating, burping and our main topic, farting. Of course it’s gross and foul, but farting can help you in ways you never imagined.

We hate farts for two apparent reasons, the sound funny, and the smell even funnier. But letting one rip is nothing you should be ashamed of, you should instead embrace it with pride.

Let’s go over five facts about farting:

five facts about farting

1. An average person farts around 14 times a day, mostly during sleep.

Men have been found to pass gas more often than women, and women’s farts actually smell a lot worse than men’s. This is because women’s bodies have a higher concentration of hydrogen sulfide.

2. Farts are good for you

Despite smelling really bad, hydrogen sulfide diminishes mitochondrial damage and can help prevent strokes and heart attacks. Therefore, taking a big sniff when someone farts next to you can be healthy. The nastier the odor, the healthier the gas.

3. Certain foods make you fart more

You might have heard that beans make you fart more, but so does chewing gum and drinking soda. If you feel like you have a gas problem, chances are that you actually have a gum/soda problem. You already let out enough gas during the day to fill a balloon, you don’t need more.

4. Never hold it in

We all do it when people are around. It’s normal, no one wants to shoot the alarm and let everyone know that they’re the reason it stinks. But holding it in for a long period of time can lead to serious colon complications.

5. It won’t kill you

There have been many cases in which people rush into the ER believing that they are having a heart attack, but end up being told by doctors that just need to fart. Gas trapped in the stomach can create a pain so extreme it can make you believe you’re actually dying.

Next time you break wind, remember all the reasons you have to be happy about it.

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