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Drone Delivery Service Soon In Doha

drone delivery

After a series of successful test flights, Qatar Post and Ministry of Transport and Communications are looking into drone delivery.

The Ministry’s Smart Innovations Labs and Qatar post have successfully conducted a pilot project that paves the way to introducing a drone delivery system for Qatari residents.

If, and when, introduced, such a project will save people money and time, since instead of waiting for a driver to be on the clock and make a several round, a drone can just pick up a package and fly it over to the recipient in no time.

Head of Marketing and Communications of Qatar Post Maud Daniel told The Peninsula that “the pilot project was a success and now we are exploring potential routes and assessing the market demand.”

However, before such a service is introduced several aspects need to be studied and regulated, including safety and reliability.

But drone delivery services are inevitable. Qatar is not the only country in the world working on a such a project.

Specialists predict that drones are the future of transportation of all kinds. So far, they have been largely useful in photography and warfare, but they are being tested for efficiency in transporting both people and shipments of goods.

According to Danial, Qatar Post and the Ministry have signed a Memorandum of Understanding and are underway of developing an efficient drone delivery service in Qatar which will be operating soon.

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