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Dana Al Fardan’s One Nation: A Qatari Anthem

Screenshot from One Nation - Al Yaqeen by Dana Al Fardan

Qatari composer Dana Al Fardan, along with other Qatari artists, release One Nation, a song for Qatar.

Even though the song was written weeks ago, its timely release has brought together Qataris under one song for solidarity, One Nation.

The song was written and recorded by song-writer, composer, and founder of DNA Records, Dana Al Fardan, along with an Arabic version known as Al Yaqeen.

The song, which expresses solidarity, respect and unity with Qatar, its people and the nation’s leadership, is the epitome of the love and pride Qataris have for their country.

The release date of the official music video for the song is still unknown, but it is believed to be released very soon. However, a making-of video that includes the song was uploaded on Al Fardan’s YouTube page.

Several notable Qatari artists were collaborating with Al Fardan on the project, like Fahad Al Kubaisi and Essa Al Kubaisi, as well as Fahal Al Mursel who wrote the Arabic lyrics for the song.

Other participating artists were Christoph Schmitz on the cello, Ferdninand Shaffer on percussion, Dimitri Torchinski on violins, Juan Pestana on keyboards and bass guitar. Mohamed Al Sulaiti on the oud, Hassan Moataz on the rababa and Yassine Ayari on the nay, as well as the Qatar Concert Choir under the direction of Giovanni Pasini.

While you wait for the official video to be released, which will be soon, you can listen to One Nation/Al Yaqeen, the full song, on SoundCloud.

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