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Google’s Digital Fidget Spinner

Two people holding fidget spinners

You might have missed it, but we’re here so you don’t. Try out Google’s very own take on the fidget spinner.

The fidget spinner is the hottest thing right now, and for good reason, they spin! Well maybe they’re aren’t that amazing, but people love them and they are everywhere.

If you thought that Google wouldn’t get in on the action, you were wrong. Their newest Easter egg is a fidget spinner hidden within the search results.

Just Google spinner or fidget spinner, and voila.

Fidget spinner

Google’s spinner.

You can either click “Spin” or use your mouse cursor to make it spin. The faster you spin, the faster it goes.

If this wasn’t the spinner you were looking for, no problem. In the upper right corner of the spinner you can easily switch between the fidget for a numbered one.

Google spinner

Google’s numbered spinner.

You can choose any number of digits, from 1 to 20, to include on the board, which you can spin and stop at any moment.

It is good for games and draws, so don’t hesitate to get spinning.

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