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Dari Qatar: A Film By All Of Us

Dari Qatar screenshot

Created with the participation of more than 200 people living the country, Dari Qatar is a reflection of the dynamic Qatari culture.

In 2015, a collaborative project between the Doha Film Institute (DFI) and Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) asked residents to send in amateur videos, that they believe capture the essence of living in Qatar. Dari Qatar, released on June 15, is the outcome of more than 10,000 submissions, sent in by more than 200 hundred people coming from 22 different nationalities, each telling their own story.

Submissions had to cover Qatar experiences under five themes – joy, adventure, family, traditions and friendship. After a year in the making, Dari Qatar premiered at a red carpet event in December 2016, but is now available online for everyone to watch. (You can watch the full documentary below)

The beautiful feature length documentary, compiled of amateur footage captured by phones and other personal devices, explores life in Qatar from different perspectives. Never before has a movie captured the rich cultural diversity of the country, with stories from expats, locals, men, women, young, old, the modern and the traditional.

It is a perfect representation of Qatar’s culture, traditions and rapid modernization in the eyes of people who not only witnessed it, but experienced it.

Dari Qatar was directed by Ahmad Al-Sharif, who put together the clips under a single story-line, one that will make you want to live in Qatar forever.

The full video is here, so take a break and enjoy Dari Qatar.

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