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We Once Had Two Suns, One Was Evil

We Once Had Two Suns, One Was Evil

Researchers believe that the evil twin among our two suns killed the dinosaurs and escaped into space.

As weird as this might sound, it is actually based on scientific evidence. The new theory suggests that our solar system once had two suns, the one we know, and a non-identical twin named “Nemesis” – the name was given recently though.

If that announcement alone isn’t enough to freak you out, scientists believe that Nemesis killed all dinosaurs before making a run for it.

While astronomers have for long been fascinated by how some stars come in pairs, new analysis by scientists from Harvard and UC Berkeley gives reason to believe that nearly all stars are born in pairs.

Our sun’s twin, dubbed “Nemesis”, is now believed to have been orbiting the same point of the sun that never left us before venturing off into space. However, actual evidence of Nemesis has never been found.

It was given the name Nemesis because of yet another theory about this mysterious, runaway sun. The theory suggests that Nemesis launched the asteroid that killed off all the dinosaurs on Earth.

As crazy as it sounds, this might explain why it has escaped and never showed itself in our galaxy ever again, leaving us with one instead of two suns.

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