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Is Lindsay Lohan Fasting?

Lindsay Lohan

The world has been wondering whether or not the American actress Lindsay Lohan is fasting, now the answer is out.

When Lindsay Lohan posted a picture coinciding with the start of the Islamic holy month with a caption that read “#happyRamadan”, the world started speculating over whether or not she would be fasting.


The Hollywood star’s manager, Scott Carlsen, told Mic that she is both observing Ramadan and fasting.

She has been doing so on board of the enormous 86 Chakra yacht in southern France, and have invited friends like Adrien Brody, Jeremy Renner, Salma Hayek and Pamela Anderson to break the fast with her.

“The ocean brings me a sense of peace and calmness and I am totally obsessed with boats and being on the water so this was the perfect choice for this holiday and to celebrate Ramadan,” Lohan told Mic in an email statement.

The speculations over Lohan’s conversion to Islam started in 2015, after she was spotted carrying a Quran.

Since, she has spoken out about being fascinated by the Islamic holy scripture, and have also been seen sporting wearing hijab. On February 21, 2017, she claimed that she was “racially profiled” at London’s Heathrow Airport for wearing a headscarf.

In January this year Lohan deleted all photos off her Instagram account and changed her bio into “Alaikum salam ✋”. However, neither Lindsay nor her manager have yet confirmed or denied the speculations.

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