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Entire Sweden Is Listed On Airbnb

Entire Sweden Is Listed On Airbnb

Now might be your time to visit Sweden after they listed the whole country for grabs on Airbnb.

Sweden has chosen to list, not an apartment, not a house, and not a hotel room, but the whole country on Airbnb.

In a collaborative project, Visit Sweden has teamed up with the holiday rental website to list the whole country, all year round.

Hiker camping in Rautasjaure in Sweden

Hiker camping in Rautasjaure, Sweden.

To everyone living outside of the Nordic country it might seem pretty odd, but it is in fact a promotional campaign for the country’s long-standing “freedom to roam” law, also known as “allemansrätten”.

The “allemansrätten” gives people the right to travel freely and explore all public spaces in the country, without restrictions (except private gardens and land under cultivation).

As long as one abides by the golden rule – no disturbance and no destruction – one is free to set up camp and tent at pretty much any spot.

The campaign features a video, in which Åke, a friendly Swede invites you to visit his 100 million acres home – which he shares with 10 million other people.

Even though this law has been around for a long time, and will most likely stay around for much longer, now might be your chance to visit the beautiful Scandinavian paradise.

You can sleep anywhere you want, eat from any tree, shrub or plant you feel like, and swim in any lake or sea.

What are you waiting for?

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