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Ramadan Series You Don’t Want To Miss

Ramadan Kareem

With Ramadan coming up it can only mean one thing, the best in Arab drama and comedy will be playing back to back.

As usual, Ramadan comes with a long list of after-iftar television shows. Out of the hundreds of Arab shows produced for this year’s season, audiences are particularly waiting for these ones.

Kafr Dalhab

Good thing it airs after iftar, because this Ramadan show will have you shaking. An angry spirit is haunting the people of an isolated Egyptian village, and it is up to the village doctor (Youssef El Sherif) to end the bloodshed.

Afarit Adly Allam

The Egyptian comedy icon Adel Imam is back with another hilarious series this Ramadan. He plays Adly Allam, an employee at the Ministry of Culture who has a passion for writing. When one of his articles is published under a penname in a national newspaper influences public opinion, his whole life changes.

Wahat Al Ghouroub

Based on the bestselling novel by Egyptian Baha’a Taher, Wahat Al Ghouroub, it tells the story of Mahmoud, a disgraced police officer who is exiled to the deep desert after being accused of aiding rebels against the British occupation. Obsessed with finding Alexander the Great’s grave, he takes his Irish wife Catherine on a deadly journey across the Egyptian desert.


Orchedia has been dubbed the Arab version of Game of Thrones, and is without a doubt the most expensive Ramadan show this season, costing more than $5 million. This fantasy-drama tells the story of a power struggle between three imaginary kingdoms.

Al Hayba

Former Miss Lebanon plays Alia, a sophisticated and intellectual woman returns to burry her deceased husband in his village, Al Haybe, on the Lebanese-Syrian border. Once there, she clashes with Jabal Sheikh Al Jabal (Tim Hasan), her late husband’s brother who happens to an outlaw.

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