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How To Stay Safe Under High Temperatures

As summer is coming on, temperatures in Qatar are rising rapidly and before you know they’ll hit dangerous levels.

With temperatures rising fast, it will soon be hotter than the human body can handle on its own. It is common knowledge that if your body temperature is over 40C, you need to get immediate medical assistance. But with outside temperature well over that, it is hard for your body to keep your internal temperature at average, so it’s up to you to help.

As early as the start of May, the Qatar Meteorology Department (MET) started spreading awareness on how to keep yourself safe.

However, as correct as those advice are, they are more guidelines than actual actions. Therefore, we will elaborate further.

First of all, it is important to stay hydrated. What people don’t realize is that they only drink after getting thirsty. But thirst doesn’t mean that your body needs water now, it means that your body has been needing water for a while. It’s a distress signal and not a notice.

To help you remember to drink lots of fluids, set up hourly alarms or download a drinking app that would help remind you to drink when you need it.

And while you, like any other person, would avoid to go outside during the hottest hours of the day, it understandable that sometimes you just have to.

Preparing for going outside starts on the inside. Before you go out, put on something looser, made from fabrics that don’t trap heat. And also, remember to cover your head with a hat or scarf, and to put sunscreen on any exposed skin to avoid sunburns or worse.

What you eat could also contribute to raising your internal temperature or loss of bodily fluids, so keep track of what you consume.

Try to moderate the intake of coffee, sugar and salts. Foods containing these will contribute to dehydration, water retention and high blood pressure.

Follow these tips daily, and you might just have the easiest summer of your life.

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