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Have You Heard About The UAE Iceberg Project?

Have You Heard About The UAE Iceberg Project

An Abu Dhabi-based eco firm believes they have the solution to more freshwater in the Emirates, the UAE Iceberg Project.

Map of the UAEThe Abu Dhabi-based National Advisor Bureau Limited has announced the UAE Iceberg Project, which will hopefully bring more freshwater resources to the country.

The plan is so simple it is strange that no one ever thought of, or maybe it is so simple that no one ever believed it to be possible.

By 2018, the company plans to tow huge icebergs all the way from Antarctica to the gulf of Fujairah, 3000 kilometers away.

The icebergs will not only give the UAE a source of much-needed fresh water, but they are also expected to radically change the climate in the region.

The outcome of the UAE Iceberg Project are still unknown, but is predicted to cause more intense rainstorms across Arabian Gulf and the southern region of the Arabian Peninsula all year round. If this happens, it will help the country with agriculture, cooler temperatures and more abundance of water across the dry desert.

The science behind it is very elementary. The cold icebergs will make the moist air of the Arabian Sea rise, and when air rises it first expands, then it cools and condenses to forming clouds. Can you guess what happens when clouds get heavy? Exactly! It rains.

If the UAE Iceberg Project goes as planned, will transform the UAE desert into green meadows, parks and farmland within a decade.

Due to global warming, icebergs break off from the Antarctic ice shelf and drift away all the time. Instead of letting melt in the middle of nowhere, they could be invested into helping areas where freshwater isn’t as available as in other parts of the world, like the Arabian Desert.

One average-sized iceberg is estimated to contain around 20 billion gallons of fresh water.

Zayed Lakes, part of the “Filling The Empty Quarter” projects

Zayed Lakes, part of the “Filling The Empty Quarter” projects.

The UAE Iceberg Project is part of the “Filling The Empty Quarter” projects, which will see the transformation of Empty Quarter deserts into an oasis by redirecting river flows from Pakistan to the UAE through undersea pipelines.

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