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Shopping In Qatar – The Land Of 100 Malls

Shopping In Qatar - The Land Of 100 Malls

With malls around every corner, shopping in Qatar is at an all-time high, where something to cater for everyone’s desires is guaranteed.

For a country with a population as small as in Qatar, it is unusual to have so many malls, and even more unusual to have many more under construction. With concept malls popping up everywhere, and a residing population of just over 2.5 million, most of which reside permanently in or near Doha, shopping in Qatar has never been more fun.

Canal and Gondola inside of the Villaggio Mall Shopping Center in Doha

Canal and Gondola inside of the Villaggio Mall Shopping Center in Doha.

Qatar’s first mall was opened in 1997, and since then they have been sprouting all over the country. Even though the world is covered by malls, malls in Qatar always always offer something new and different. It might have been either the futuristic vision the Qataris have for Qatar, or the challenging saturated market pushed malls to stand-out.

The basic idea of a mall is the theory of a grand one-stop-shop, one place with all kind of retailers, eateries and entertainment. However, malls in Qatar have taken the all-in-one rule to a whole new level by incorporating themes, unique shopping experiences and as much entertainment as they could possibly fit.

The shopping mall experience was brought to Qatar in 1997 with the opening of The Mall. with over 80 retail stores, the public fell in love with it, and malls started rising everywhere. Today there are over 20 malls in or in the vicinity of Doha alone, each developed with a slightly unique touch, offering a different shopping experience.

Entertainment at the Mall of Qatar

Entertainment at the Mall of Qatar.

One would think that having many malls in a relatively small area would not be very profiting. However, the fact that each mall has something unique to offer has made shopping in Qatar even more popular.

The uniqueness comes in various forms. Some malls have hotels, others have amusement parks and centers, or cinema complexes and even ice skating rinks.

With several extraordinary malls planned to open this year, malls in Qatar are up against tough competition to keep their regulars. In the upcoming months, residents of Qatar will witness the opening of the highly luxurious Alhazm Mall and the cosmopolitan Tawar Mall, while having recently become able to shop at the enormous Mall of Qatar and Doha Festival City, both of which opened in last few months.

Qatar's newest malls

Malls like Doha City Center, Landmark and Villaggio, which offer high quality entertainment for kids, will have to compete with Festival City’s Angry Birds World, snow dunes and e-sport gaming arena, Mall of Qatar’s MOQLIVE, KidzMondo, Xtremeland, and Tawar Malls’ Kids-Zone.

The cinemas at Villaggio, The Gate, Gulf Mall and every other cinema complex will have to step their game up if they want to compete with the world’s largest MAX 3D laser projection cinema at Mall of Qatar, and Qatar’s first VOX 4D cinemas at Festival City.

AlHazm Mall for luxury shopping in Qatar

AlHazm Mall is anticipated to revolutionize luxury shopping in Qatar.

Doha is also home to several high-end luxury malls like Royal Plaza and the Via Domo luxury area at Villaggio, which will have to try really hard to top-off the upcoming first class Alhazm Mall, one of the most luxurious in the world.

Alhazm Mall will not only offer some of the world’s most exclusive brands, but it is designed after Milan’s 19th-century Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, and expect even more luxury. The developers went all out and imported 200-years-old trees from Spain, a huge glass dome, and hand-carved Tuscan marble everywhere.

With the endless choices and different experiences each mall offers, shopping in Qatar has become a lifestyle, attracting tens of thousands of tourists each year.

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