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Arab Fashion Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

Arab Fashion Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

Want to stay up to date with latest fashion trends in the Middle East? We’ve got five Arab fashion bloggers you want to follow.

Let’s be real, no one knows fashion like Arabs. And most of all, no one knows fashion like these Arab fashion bloggers.

Alanoud Badr is a social media sensation with half a million followers eagerly waiting for her posts. She is the founder of Fozaza Fit, a social media health channel that offers advice and inspiration for getting fit.


Yalda Golsharifi is a woman of all trades. She is a fashion editor, film director, blogger and mother living between in Los Angeles., Kuwait and Iran.

The Kardashians has got nothing on Alice and her two sisters, Nadine and Farah Abdel Aziz, Lebanon’s very own reality TV stars. Alice started the popular Instagram account @StyleinBeirut, back in 2013 and before focusing on her personal account (you’d want to follow Nadine and Farah).


Daniella Rahme is Lebanon’s sweetheart. Other than being a popular TV presenter, actress and model, she won the Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2010 title, as well as Dancing with the Stars Middle East Season 2.


Ascia Al Faraj is a Kuwaiti fashion blogger, model, fashion designer and socialite. With more than two million Instagram followers, she is considered to be among the Middle East’s most influential bloggers and social media influencers.

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