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UK Panics Over Hummus Shortage

A delicious bowl of hummus

UK supermarkets have had a shortage of hummus over the past few days, and the internet is losing it.

Nobody creates quality panic like Middle Easterners. Who could’ve imagined that something as simple as a mashed-chickpeas-dip could spark frustration across the United Kingdom? Well, that’s the power of hummus.

The internet has gone crazy after sever supermarkets across the UK were hit by a hummus shortage.

Apparently, what caused this shortage was a recall. Sainsbury’s, a UK supermarket chain said that it had to withdraw all their hummus products from the shelves after customers complained about taste.

But as it seems, customers might have prefered the slightly less tasty hummus over no hummus at all. If you don’t believe it, search for the hashtag #HummusGate and see.

Some even believed it to be worse than the UK leaving the European Union.

The nice people at one Sainsbury’s branch decided that they couldn’t just stand by as people were desperate, so they printed out a recipe, instructing customers how to make some themselves.

Some rival retailers took the opportunity to flash all the supplies they still had up for sale.

Luckily, a spokesperson from Sainsbury’s to the The Independent that they are expecting to have restocked by Thursday. However, latest reports say shelves are still empty.

Our love and prayers go out to the UK, you stay strong!

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