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Qatar University Is Growing

Qatar University

Qatar University is set to expand exponentially this year after receiving a five-year QR5 billion revamp initiative.

This year, Qatar University is growing really big. Not only are several colleges getting new buildings, but the expansion project has also given birth to new student accommodation buildings, faculty residentials and leisure facilities of course.

The new buildings are part of a QR5 billion project to renovate the university, upgrading its facilities, and making way for thousands of more students.

The project was launched back in 2014, work has been ongoing ever since and will continue for another two years as scheduled.

When they first started, the university said that by the year 2019 it would be able to serve as many as 25,000 students. At the moment, they have 17,000 registered students across all nine colleges.

Among the new buildings are dormitories. The on-site housing blocks for both young girls and boys will have a total of 668 rooms capable of accommodating 1,000 students.

The housing units will also include accommodation for visiting faculty members, which will consist of 208 apartments, a gym and a leisure facility for both staff and students..

The College of Pharmacy is set to receive a new building this year, along with the management students within the College of Business and Economics. The University’s oldest college, the College of Education, will be receiving an upgrade of facilities very soon.

Students and staff will also enjoy easier parking this year. The university is set to open a new multi-story parking building that can host as many as 2,000 vehicles.

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