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Will Spider-Man Team Up With The Avengers?

Spider-Man Homecoming logo - The Independent

Spider-Man has for long been known to be a solo superhero swinging across Manhattan building, but the new Homecoming poster suggests a link to the Avengers.

Opening July 7, 20017, the third Spider-Man movie in 15 years. The studio just released a poster for the movie hinting that everything we knew about little spidie might just change.

In the background, it is easy to notice the large Avengers headquarters sporting a huge Avengers logo in the Manhattan skyline. While we are used to Spider-Man not being part of a superhero ensemble, this might hint towards a change.

It has already been known that spidie will be mostly a lone wolf Homecoming, but there will be an encounter with Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. However, it is said that he will be having a role in next year’s Avengers: Infinity War.

Homecoming will be the third Spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland. After running into Avengers characters in Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker and Tony Stark seem to have formed a relationship. However, Parker is trying to balance being a high school student and a superhero fighting the Vulture.

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