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Timba Car, Qatar’s Latest Pastime Favorite

Timba Car Screenshot

No more boring free time, head down to Qatar’s first minicar football arena at Timba Car and smoke some rubber with your friends.

Recently opened at Katara Cultural Village, Timba Car is the nation’s newest fun-packed pastime activity, where you can challenge your friends into an over sized and electrified game of football. It is great for anyone as it incorporates almost every type of fun activity anyone might have.

It is a mix between bumper cars, football, and fat-suit sumo wrestling, yeah, exactly, how could that possible not be fun?

The rules are easy and simple. You and your friends are divided into two teams of two players and are given control of the steering wheel of two miniature electric cars. The car is the player, you’re in control, and the mission is to race across the Astroturf trying to score an over sized ball into the other team’s goal.

Brought to Qatar by Hamad Al Fayyad, who wanted to bring a new entertaining experience to the GCC, who chose the name Timba Car after the common Qatari term for ball, Timba.

Located just at the end of Katara’s Shakespeare Street, next to Falcon Hospital and across the street from Shawarma Albisana, the facility welcomes anyone who wants to try out the fun sport for the small fee of QR 120 per car. Each game is about 20 minutes long and there’s a majlis for relaxing and refreshments, as well as PlayStations for while you wait for your turn or whenever.

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