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Museum of Islamic Art Will Be Hosting Iconic Islamic Gold Coins

Dr. Alain Baron pointing at the coins at the Museum Of Islamic Art - Qassim Rahmatullah/The Peninsula

The six most important Islamic gold coins in Islamic history will be exhibited at the Museum of Islamic Art along with other artifacts at The New York Times Art for Tomorrow Conference.

Qatar Museums are organizing The New York Times Art for Tomorrow Conference at the Museum of Islamic Art, to explore the theme “Boundaries, Identity & the Public Realm”.

The exhibition will be bringing in six Islamic gold coins as part of the Masterpieces of Islamic Coinage in Doha, which will be telling the story of the rise of Arabism and the timeline of the Islamic world.

The coins represent the very earliest communities of Islam and their monetary system used for trade. They date back to as early as the same century as the Islamic Prophet, and are pressed to read the first ever illustrations of Quranic suras in history.

The earliest coins were mere imitations of Byzantine coins that were Islamized, until the Umayyad caliph Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan created the first ever original Islamic coin in 77 A.H. (696 AD).

The coins belonged to the first Islamic currency, the Dinar, which is still the monetary system used by many Arab and Islamic countries across the world to this day.

The New York Times Art for Tomorrow Conference is taking place in Doha from March 10 to 13, and is bringing together over 200 of the world’s most influential thinkers, artists and innovators.

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