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Facebook Are Finally Introducing The Dislike Button

Facebook Are Finally Introducing The Dislike Button

After years and years of fans asking for a dislike button to opposite the like option of Facebook, they are finally gonna have it.

Sick of having to press “like” to express on Facebook even though you don’t really like the post? Well, after introducing emotions just over a year ago, the world’s biggest social media platform has announced that they will be introducing the long awaited “dislike” button.

Facebook have announced that they are finally giving to the high demand from users and have already started testing it.

The button is already available for a small and select number of people who are using the Messenger app, Facebook’s very own instant messaging and call application.

The plan is for Facebook users to start using emojis similarly to the way they use the “reactions” – laugh, wow, love, angry and sad -, which roll out as you hover the cursor over the like button.

Previously, Facebook was very reluctant concerning the “dislike” button, fearing that it would spark and facilitate cyber bullying, as well as the fact that large companies who market themselves over the social media giant might not fancy the idea of dislikes.

However, they have said that the “dislike” button will serve more like a “no” button, and could be useful whenever there’s a vote in a group conversation for example.

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