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Italdesign & Airbus Are Working On A Drone-Car

A rendering of a flying car Airbus is building as part of its Project Vahana — Bussiness Insider - Airbus

The Italian design and engineering firm Italdesign, together with the American aircraft manufacturer Airbus, are developing a drone-lifted car from the future.

Italdesign and Airbus are putting their genius heads together to bring you the car of the future. While the human fantasy of a flying car has existed for centuries and attempted hundreds of times, the two might actually have a practical concept that might actually catch up.

Their newest innovation includes a futuristic car whose upper body can be picked up and airlifted by a drone, away from traffic and roadblocks., Automotive News reports.

A model of the concept vehicle will reportedly be unveiled by Italdesign at the Geneva Auto Show on Tuesday, the source cites from “people familiar with the matter”.

The car is a concept of two parts, a self-driving chassis and a passenger capsule that sits on top.

The car can be driven like any other car, fit for cities, but could call on a large drone that measures roughly 5 meters by 5 meters to pickup the passenger in the capsule and liftoff to a final destination.

Italdesign had priorly introduce a two-part car back in 1982, the Capsula, which had an interchangeable capsules on top of an Alfa Romeo chassis. Owners could switch the upper part from a passenger car cabin to a commercial van or a minibus when needed.

Airbus on the other hand is already working on a similar concept with out Italdesign. Their project called Vahana is a hybrid between a car and a helicopter, that they plan to test by the end of the year.

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