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Facebook Reactions Help With Reach

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Facebook Reactions are the new secret to making your posts reach, making the Like near obsolete. Can you guess which one get’s you most reach?

It was just over a year ago that Facebook introduced their Reactions option, a popup of 5 five emoticon-like reactions that help you express how you feel about a post more accurately than the old-fashioned Like.

Since their introduction, Facebook’s algorithm has shifted, making those with more Reactions appear in newsfeeds than those with likes. Among the five, Love, Haha, Sad, Wow and Angry, the Love reaction seems to be leading the charts.

The aim was to let let users engage more deeply with Facebook posts, and let them express how they felt about them rather than just hitting like, which in terms can mean a wide spectrum of things.

Facebook has announced that the Reaction buttons have been clicked more than 300 billion times in the few months they have been available.

The Love Reaction has counted for half of allFacebook reactions, making it worth far more than a Like, and slightly more than other Reactions.

Last May, SEJ’s Caitlin Rulien published a study which revealed the Love Reaction more popular than the others, even though Reactions weren’t as regularly used.

Another SEJ post, by Lisa Lacy, predicted that one day advertisers will start cashing in on emotions, and will be able to target posts according to users’ reaction history.

Source: SEJ

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