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Ooredoo Is Stealing Show At The MWC 2017

The Ooredoo pavilion at the Mobile World Congress 2017, Barcelona

The international telecommunications company headquartered in Doha, Ooredoo, is leading the Mobile World Conference with their newest technologies.

While the world’s biggest names in the telecom industry are meeting under one roof at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Ooredoo is standing out as a pioneer in advance telecom innovations with their impressive installment.

The company is taking full advantage of their presence at the conference and are inviting visitors to experience the future of telecom at their designated pavilion. These visitors will be among the first people to witness Ooredoo’s newest innovations and services.

They are revealing some of their research into 5G technology, which will soon provide millions around the world with higher network speeds and improved latency. The presentation shows visitors the difference in speed and latency between 4.5G and 5G, and how they can be used for more efficient technology.

Another concept premiering at the MWC is the new Ooredoo Rescue, a drone based maritime rescue system that can assist coast guards in saving thousands of lives.

The new technology developed by Ooredoo aims to aid coast guards in with their emergency and rescue response time by providing them with a live video feed from the situation before they even leave their quarters.

The rescue solution also allows rescuers to remotely deploy rescue rafts, saving them precious time. Using the service, rescue missions can send out a drone carrying a lifebuoy, keeping the victim afloat until further help arrives. These buoys are powered by solar energy and are equipped with technology that can monitor sea conditions in real time and send them back to quarters.

Alongside these, they will also be presenting a broad range of telecom solutions, including the “You Click, We Care” healthcare service, Ooredoo’s Smart City vision and their Smart Stadium concept.

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