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Qatar Upgrades Defenses With Raytheon Radar

Qatar will receive a variant of this Early Warning Radar from Raytheon

The state of Qatar has asked of the US defense firm Raytheon to build them a highly advanced early warning radar defense system.

A $1.1 billion contract was just granted to the American defense system developers Raytheon for a new early warning radar system, according to the Pentagon.

It is scheduled to be completed and up and running by mid-2021, and will be fully integrated to Qatar’s already existing air and missile defense system.

Qatar first contacted the Raytheon over the contract in 2013, but the deal had been under the review of lawmakers, awaiting approval for four years.

The contracts include the installation of an A/N FPS-132 Block 5 Early Warning Radar, along with parts and equipment, as well as training and technical support. The radar is able to detect any sea-launched or intercontinental ballistics missile from roughly 5,000 kilometers away, and is able to track them in real time as well.

Therefore, the radar will be a key defense system, protecting Qatar’s sovereignty and keeping Qataris safe from any possible incoming threat in the future, coming either from sea or land.

This just one addition Qatar will be adding to their defenses in the near future.

Just last December, the country ordered a $29.5 million order for a number of Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC3) missiles and PAC-3 MSE interceptors from Lockheed Martin. They also issued orders for a maritime defense system a few month earlier, as well as a deal for 36 F-15 fighter jets from Boeing.

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