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Real People With Superpowers

Real People With Superpowers

Always felt fascinated by the supernatural? Discover five real people with superpowers

The human race has been baffled by stories of supernatural beings with special powers since the dawn of time, but never have we imagined that there are real people with superpowers out there.

Many have spent decades trying to understand the paranormal, while others have gone to the world’s extremities searching for it, but these five extraordinary people were simply hiding in plain sight.

These are not Superman and Spider-Man kind of powers we’re talking about, but you still haven’t heard of anyone as astonishing as them.

Stephen Wiltshire, who also goes by name of the Human Camera, is an autistic artist, who can remember very detailed images from just one look. One of his notable works is a 19-feet long detailed drawing of New York city he drew from his memory after being in the New York sky for 20 minutes.


There is a man in Japan that considers himself to be a modern-day samurai warrior, with a blade swing so fast he can slice a speeding bullet in half. A video of him cutting off a piece of a bullet had to be slowed down by 250 times for viewers to clearly see the happening.


Laurence Kim Peek, also known as Megasavant, is the only person in history to have been able to read two distinct pages of a book simultaneously. He could use his left eye to read the left page, while his right eye read the right eye. It would take him around an hour to finish a book, and he remembered almost everything he read.


He is no Magneto, but Magnet Man can Liew Thow Lin can stick metal objects to his body, just like that. While he wasn’t magnetized himself, his powers are the outcome of the high level of friction in his skin, which makes metallic material stick. He has even pulled a car using his abilities.


Zhou Ting-Jue, an internationally renowned Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qigong grandmaster has reached a level of self-control that gives him the ability to generate extreme heat with his bare hands and stand on thin sheets of paper without ripping through.

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