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The First Red Bull T3 Buggy Race – Qaher El T3ous – In Qatar

Red Bull T3 Buggy - Qaher El T3ous

Get ready for the most action-packed motorsports event in Qatar this year. The first ever Red Bull T3 Buggy – Qaher El T3ous – race ever in the country.

Buggy racing at Sealine - Speed Marine

Buggy racing at Sealine – Speed Marine

This March is all about dune bashing with the Red Bull T3 Buggy – Qaher El T3ous – event. Amateurs and professionals, locals and international drivers, will face-off for the chance to claim the title and win their very own T3 buggy.

Red Bull have turned Qatar’s favorite pastime activity into a professional sport. For the first time in Qatar, Red Bull will host a buggy dune bashing race along the sandy terrain on Sealine road.

The race will take place on March 2, at 2 PM, where racers will be evaluated according to their maneuvering skills rather than their speed and time.

The event is supported by the Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation, who will be supervising the circuit and safety of both attendees and participants.

The race is open to everyone who wishes to take part, as long as conditions are met. To give it a try, you’ll need to have your own buggy that meets the standards like fixed batteries and seat belts, as well as safety measures in case the buggy rolls over.

Racers can register their buggy online through the event’s website, while attendees can buy event tickets at Virgin Megastore branches.

The second and third-place winners will go home with great and valuable prizes from Speed Marine.



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